This volume of beautiful poetry is a celebration of the coastal experience. In delightfully-crafted verses, the author explores the glory of nature, the allure of the sea, and the joys of combing shores for treasures.

Kick off your shoes and follow Stein to her favorite spots. Savor her surprising observations, and be charmed by her imagination. Sit with her on a log of driftwood, watch the light twinkle on the waves, and dream of being mermaids.

You'll discover that at the heart of this poet lives a storyteller who will take you into a world of wonder.


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"I am LOVING IT! The poems paint such a beautiful picture while telling a story. It’s the type of book a person can read over and over again because it’s so beautifully written. It will reside on my nightstand permanently where I’ll read it often."

—Cindy Bilbao, author of 'Seaglass' and 'Seashells'


"A delight for any beachcomber. Even if you aren't into poetry, give this one a try. It will charm your socks off and make you feel sand under your feet." 

―Annie Bartens, sea glass collector, Maine


"I really enjoyed reading this book. I learned things from Stein's observations that changed how I look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary." 

―Rev Dr Kathy Allen, Kentucky