2139 - A year after his incredible Mars City adventure, things have settled down for Jace Power. His days are now consumed with school and hockey. Mars and Miriam seem like a distant dream. But after Da informs him that King Richard will visit Washington to sign a historic agreement with President Franklin and to knight him, Jace starts to think about his Martian friends more and more, especially the girl he left behind.


After an assassination attempt in D.C. and a cryptic message from Miriam, Jace is called into action once again. A top-secret mission rockets him to the red planet in search of Miriam and a special crystal vial. But Jace's new adventure will take him even farther, to the moons of Jupiter, to encounter Jovian miners, giant Manchurian guards, dinosaurs (yes, dinosaurs!), and an arch-villain named Fin Duggan.


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Praise for 'Jace Power'


"This fast-paced novel for young readers

takes place in Sydney (Cape Breton) a century from now.

Our hero, Jace Power, starts off worrying about his dad

embarrassing him at career day (he hauls trash to the Moon) but

his blistering adventure brings him through a war and face to screen

with the android king who has taken over Mars.

It's like reading a video game. So. Much. Fun." 

Jon Tattrie, Editor

Atlantic Books Today


Randall James with the proof copy of book two in the Jace Power trilogy.



"I started this book by Randall James “Jace Power and the Battle of Mars City”. I have never read a Sci Fi book before. Started the book and couldn’t put it down. I finished it in one sitting. Excellent read."

Michelle Bates, Cape Breton



"This book is so awesome and a great adventure in space with a great reference of New Waterford, BEC and Cape Breton. I recommend this book. A great read!"

Joe Jones, Cape Breton