2137 - Jace Power is a timid thirteen-year-old embarrassed by his dad's job. His father pilots the old Victory spacecraft to the dark side of the moon each week to dump North America's waste. To make matters worse, some of Jace's enemies like to tease him by calling his dad the garbage man.

But after his father accepts a suicide mission from NASA to save the Great Lakes by crashing his plutonium-laden ship into Titan, a deadly asteroid, everything changes. Transformed by his dad's display of courage, Jace finally stands up to his chief antagonist, and soon after,is blasting killer robots on the snow-covered streets of Cape Breton!

And Jace is going to need all of his new-found courage and smarts as he teams up with Miriam, a teen clone, to battle King Richard, the android ruler of fantastical Mars City.


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"Jace Power and the Battle of Mars City was such a fun read. So what did I like about this book? I liked the characters, and I liked the futuristic things that were happening in the year 2137, the fun adventures and the new people that Jace got to meet on the way. I also love sci-fi, soooo… I really liked reading what the author imagined."

Ariela, 15,

travel blogger and book reviever




"This fast-paced novel for young readers

takes place in Sydney (Cape Breton) a century from now.

Our hero, Jace Power, starts off worrying about his dad

embarrassing him at career day (he hauls trash to the Moon) but

his blistering adventure brings him through a war and face to screen

with the android king who has taken over Mars.

It's like reading a video game. So. Much. Fun." 

Jon Tattrie, Editor

Atlantic Books Today


Randall James with the proof copy of book two in the Jace Power trilogy.