In a small fishing town on the Mendocino coast, the tides of time have washed over rumors and suspicions, yet the members of a maimed

family still struggle to cope with their memories: a broken woman refusing to let go of her vanished husband;

her widowed brother clinging to the shatters of the life he loved;

his troubled daughter planning to turn mermaid on her fifteenth birthday...


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"The characters are amazingly developed. I rooted for almost all of them. The world is also beautifully worked out. And all the built up suspense. You just want to know what the hell happened. Conclusion, I highly recommend to read this book!"

―FallingLeaves, Goodreads reviewer


"Great story and very interesting, involving, and entertaining! There was so much to "see" and understand that I love how it was all weaved together. Wonderful job. Five stars for intrigue, mystery, and romance intertwined in this fabulously written book!"

―Cheryl, early reader, USA


"This book is stunning in imagery, character, and revelation. The beautiful details of scenery and emotion absorbed my full attention."

―Christine Dullnig, Goodreads reviewer


"This book is absolutely a must read. A friend of mine got it for me and sent it to me here in Australia. Highly recommend this book."

―Debbie, sea glass lover, Australia


"What a delight! Not quite a fairy tale, as it travels a path of deep suffering and great joy, but it arrives on the shore of Glass Beach in triumph. I couldn't put it down."

―Pam, early reader, California