Rachel Abrams, acquisitions editor for Big Apple Books in Manhattan, is looking for some serious down time. She hasn't taken a real vacation in years. Colleagues have recommended a cruise to scenic Cape Breton Island.

Logan Stewart is a former oilfield worker, recently returned to the Cape, who has written three short novels. His last one, two years ago.

When Rachel stumbles upon Logan's romantic novella, Promise Me Forever, she recognizes a new voice and desperately wants to meet the author. However, Logan makes it abundantly clear that his writing days are over, which sets up a battle of the wills.

As she attempts to rekindle his passion for storytelling, does Rachel risk pushing Logan back to his reclusive ways, or will her own passion inspire him to write a new love story — one that includes her? 


Promise Me Forever

signed paperback

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"This book puts you in a place that shows the generosity of the people from Cape Breton. It's a true love story of how you can go somewhere and fall in love with the small village scenery, hospitality of the small community, and possibly find happiness. I enjoyed this book immensely. Randall James has a unique talent that when you read his books you are transcended to the place and people he writes about." -- Cathy Harding




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