A Shard, Transformed


Some shards of glass or pottery

discarded many years ago

by people who had no idea

that their odd waste would one day be

a coveted commodity.

The broken cups, the dinner plates

the bottles, big and small that held

sodas, liqueurs, ointments, perfumes

have somehow made it to the shore,

where they now lie, injured and hurt,

and long forgotten by the world.

But every day the ocean comes

and covers them with liquid love,

surprised by this unusual

occurrence, and the surf, who is

inquisitive and likes to play,

gushes and spumes over those rare, 

delightful, unexpected toys.

It's whispering: "Sweet treasures mine,

I'll make you shine," and does smooth out 

what is still rough, pointy, and sharp,

tumbling the glass in its embrace. 

"You're ugly now but when I'm done 

your beauty will be wonderful, 

and rival gems and precious stones.”

“You think your life is over, but

I tell you it will start anew 

right here. You will be blessed with all 

the awesome luminosity

of sea and sky when wet, and yet

possess the subtle mystery

of morning mist and clouds when dry.”

Then, Surf selects from all the shards

of smashed and scattered porcelain

small bits with fanciful decors,

which will, now liberated from

the mundane purpose they once served,

each one, become a piece of art,

and charm with patterns, colours, styles.

The dainty painted fragments of

an antique tea or coffee set, 

which many, many years ago

did grace a rich or humble home,

take on a meaning of their own,

delight the eye with small vignettes

of landscapes, places, people, birds,

and plants of all conceivable

kinds and variety


to be continued...